The two-day workshop on the topic “Smart Moving Cities Workshop” will be taken place in advance of “Future of Urban Public Spaces FUPS2018” conference


    The two-day workshop will be taken place in advance of “Future of Urban Public Spaces FUPS2018” Tehran, Iran, 20-21 December 2017, Tarbiat Modares University.

    Also the second events will be taken on the topic as “smart moving cities workshop” in advance of FUPS 2018. This Workshop has been organized by Urban Design Scientific Association of Tarbiat Modares University. It is scheduled on December 20-21, 2017. The purpose of this workshop is to define and Know Smart Moving of Cities. In this two day conference we will, in a co-creating setting with the audience, tackle some crucial issues like multi modality, road safety, quality of urban space etc. We will share experiences of the Dutch mobility system which is recognized for being one of the most suitable and efficient systems in the world. It will provide a good opportunity to improve professional knowledge on smart urban Transportation. Also, by introduce the move meter software; it can increase practical knowledge of participants.So, To participate, registration is required.Sabz Andish Payesh (S.A.P) consulting, the Iranian Design Association and the Department of Social and Cultural Affairs of Tehran Municipality will also participate in the conference. There are different conditions for all types of participants. More Information about the program is available at the “EVENT” tab.